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The Cross Border Pension refers to an arrangement that allows Nigerians living in other countries and expatriate employees in companies registered in Nigeria to participate in the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS). This arrangement establishes a standard set of rules and procedures which are consistent with the provisions of the Pension Reform Act, 2014, and are also considered enforceable within the industry.

Highlights of the Guidelines for Cross Border Arrangements under the Pension Reform Act

  • Any foreign employee in Nigeria can join the scheme at his/her discretion.
  • The RSA opened shall be denominated in Naira.
  • In the event of permanent relocation, the individual shall give 3 months prior notice to the PFA before exiting the scheme.
  • Nigerians working abroad are allowed to join the scheme by making voluntary contributions.

Click here to download the Guidelines for Cross Border Arrangements under the Pension Reform Act

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